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Centrally located within Sydney’s metropolitan area, Hurstville is the focal point of a sprawling, dynamic region of growth. Hurstville is one of eight regional centres within greater Sydney located 15 kilometres to the south of Sydney’s CBD. It is one of the fastest growing areas in metropolitan Sydney with a population that rose by 11 per cent between 1996 and 2001.

Covering an area of 22.8 square kilometres, Hurstville City has a number of major residential, shopping and commercial centres and around 28,791 dwellings that are home to a population of 79,648. Hurstville City encompasses the suburbs of Hurstville, Peakhurst, Peakhurst Heights, Oatley, Lugarno and parts of Beverly Hills, Carlton, Kingsgrove, Mortdale, Narwee, Penshurst and Riverwood.

Hurstville is in the south side of the most important commercial center of Sydney, is also important one of Chinese communities of the Sydney southern part. This beautiful city have great landscape, CBD skyscrapers, Sydney tower, a panoramic view of Botany Bay. 15 kilometers from CBD, traffic is very convenient, 15 minutes train to city, close to M5, connect to King George 3 road and Australia's no. 1 highway-Princes High Way butt connecting Sydney airport, Illawarra railway line, and Sydney's most important M5 highway, the traffic is convenient. Due to the important geographical position, Hurstville becomes an important channel in the south of Sydney, and education center--wollongong.

Hurstville downtown is regarded as the main southern Sydney st. George city center, the region connection including Hurstville, Kogarah Rockdale and local government area. Comprehensive retail, commercial, financial, community, recreation and residential land use in order to strengthen his commercial hub function, Hurstville local governments use across two railway line advantages, city hall has proposed a expanding in all kinds of traffic in the area of hub function, realization in the city center train, the subway and the existing bus transfer to southern as the most important towns and traffic commercial centers, Hurstville concentration living a large number of students from China, in addition to in Sydney's southern school WOLLONGONG university outside, because the traffic is convenient, there are a great number of students from the centre of Sydney university of Sydney, Sydney university of technology, and other education institutions.

Because Hurstville is on the verge of kogarah Bay, make its more moderate and moist climate, coupled with traffic location and natural environment is superior, the Hurstville attract a large number of immigrants from China family and old people, with School, such as Hustville Primary School and Hursville High School, college entrance examination is an annual list of the top 10 elite schools, from Hustville more can take a walk to the beach, Botany Bay, the lookout airport, etc. In recent days there have been more and more overseas Chinese from turn here live in contentment, to the needs of the property also gradually to the stop to the high-end market.

Our property location and future growth will ensure that it becomes a prized residential location with excellent access to local amenity.

Southern Sydney metropolitan CBD suburb of Hurstville

Proximity to excellent amenity, commercial & retail facilities

Proximity to Penshurst & Hurstville Railway Station

Major Services and facilities

Hurstville Community Private Hospital and Medical Centre

A major Westfield Shopping Centre

Hurstville Oval located at the end of Pearl Street

Penshurst Park which contains the Hurstville Aquatic Centre and local bowling club

Bexley Municipal Golf Course

Restaurants, clubs and hotels of Hurstville

Three places of worship

There primary schools and three secondary schools (Hurstville Boys High, Penshurst Girls High and Kogarah Marist High)

One private school – Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Future Potential of Hurstville

Surrounding the development trend of the real estate in addition to business, finance and retail industry, now accelerate the development of including apartment building, in order to meet the continuously growing of the population and the need of increase in employment. Hurstville will be built in southern Sydney high level of city scale and with high quality shopping center, and speed up the construction of the meet increasing population needs elementary school and middle school, sports sites and medical facilities.

Can see Hurstville has become the Sydney coastal emerging commercial city, the future market demand for property is very strong, real estate value-added potential is tremendous, whole house prices will rise steadily in the coming years.

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